Thursday, May 10, 2007

So True!

So I was on myspace, just checking my messages before I go to bed and there was a new post from one of my Life Teen girls that turned out to be one of those random little game type posts. This is what it said:
Here's the deal: if you want to find out what it is you REALLY need, what that mysterious something is in your life that has been lacking, put Google to the test. Go to Google and type - (your FIRST name) needs. And don't cheat by looking for the one you like best; just take the first link Google gives you. Then, add your name to the list and repost. :)

Well, I'm not really much into the posts anymore, but I thought why not just play along for my own entertainment. And yeah, do you want to know what I found!??! It said, "Nichole needs all the prayer she can get!"


Upper Room

I'm so excited! (...and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it! ...sorry, sometimes you just need an 80's flashback!)

Anyways, we finally started out new Life Teen night called Upper Room last night! Jason (who helps with confirmation) and I are heading it up, but really letting the teens dictate what direction it goes in. Basically this new night was started for teens who want to go deeper, learn more about the Church, and build a community that is centered in prayer, challenges them, and holds them accountable. How great! I've been really wanting to start something like this, but even better, it was put into an action because of the persistence of one of our St. Vincent teens!

We will be starting off with at least 15 minutes of adoration each night and probably be going to daily Mass some weeks since the only evening opportunity for that falls on Wednesdays, too. From the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, we head over to the Life House, pray in, jump into conversation, and then wrap up in prayers - praying for intentions of the group and other intentions given to us by those in Life Teen and the parish! We are hoping to get into some different devotions - Rosary, Divine Mercy, St. Michael Chaplet, etc. Again, I'm so excited!

There was no set plan for last night, but it was more of an introductory night and a chance to see where the interest of the group was and what their expectations were. Six teens showed up, but quite a few more have expressed interest and even made the effort to contact me to let me know they would not be able to make the first night, but were planning on attending...a couple are even changing their work schedules just so they come. It's so great to see the kids putting their faith first! What a great group we are going to have!

With Confirmation earlier this week, much of our conversation was about that experience for the teens and how they plan to live out the sacrament. Then somehow the conversation lead to Reconciliation, which was pretty interesting and it was so neat to watch them ask questions, throw out advice and opinions, and even pull out their catechisms! They make me so happy!

And so cool, the topic they picked for next week....purgatory!

Please keep us in your prayers or better yet, come pray and chat with us!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo/Lisa's Birthday!!

So honestly, who needs alcohol when you have friends like I do!? Some friends we met up with were pretty sure we were hammered before arriving while talking to them on the phone...but really, we are just fun. :) Dance parties in the car, free t-shirts, tats, and maracas, birthday ice cream not once, but twice, singing B-I-N-G-O to Lisa's future husband (wink*), getting Lisa serenaded by older men on the street - one with out shoes - to Happy Birthday, and lots more fun and laughs. You ladies are wonderful!