Sunday, June 24, 2007


I might just be the luckiest girl ever! Not only did I get free tickets for great seats at the Mariners game and free parking right by the stadiums, but got to watch Ken Griffey Jr. play last night! SO MUCH FUN! I miss him...but hey, you never know...he could finish out his carreer and retire here. It is, after all, HIS house. :)

Griffey at bat!!!

Go M's! ...and Griffey, too!

...Mariners win 9-1. A much better finish than the previous nights loss at 18-1. Eeks! It's on today to see who takes the series! My hope: Mariners win, but Griffey gets a homerun. :)

PS Maria...are those flashies for me?!?!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Gloria Strauss is an 11-year-old girl from Federal Way who was diagnosed with a type of Cancer called Neuroblastom at only age 7. She and her family have very prayerfully been beating the odds, but need as much support in prayers as they can get to continue the miracle of her survival. To find out more about her, please visit her website or the articles in the Seattle Times, who is continuously following her story: A prayer for Gloria: Coaches daughter fights Cancer, "I'm going to make it", and "She's my best friend ... but sometimes it's complicated".

Also, a family in my parish has graciously offered their home to start prayer sessions again for Gloria on Thursday nights. This particular prayer group is geared towards the youth, but as I work with them I will definitely be attending when possible. If anyone is interested in offering up a Thursday night with us - whether with the group or on your own - that would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to come with me, just let me know!

Please pray!
Dear Heavenly Father,We, trusting in Your divine plan of life and in Your heavenly will, come to You with expectant hearts asking for strength. Strength for Gloria to continue her fight against this cancer, strength for her family and friends to provide support. Lord we ask for endurance, especially for Gloria's ability to endure pain. Endurance for Doug and Kristen and for all of those praying on Gloria's behalf. Father we come to you for protection. Protect Gloria's entire body from harm and Gloria's family in times of weakness. King of Mercy, we pray for healing. We pray for the cancer to leave Gloria's body and for her body to heal from it's effects.We also pray for the healing of hearts that have broken. Intercession. Lord, we pray for intercession, especially from Pope John Paul II. His grace and holiness were pillars for the respect of the human life and body. Also we pray for the intercession of Mother Theresa, Mary the Mother of Jesus, all of the angels and saints, and all other's who can pray for these needs. These requests, we humbly submit to you, our Lord. Amen

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Through the Eyes of Our Military

I just finished watching two videos put together by men serving our country -- I Die Before You Wake and One Voice. It has always greatly annoyed me that those who protest the war do so against our military or in their names. I think it is pretty clear why I find it unacceptable to protests against the men and women serving us, but for those of you who question why I find it inexcusable to fight for an end to the war in their name, let me share. First of all, anyone who is now in the military has signed or re-enlisted long since 911 and knew what they were facing. They may not enjoy deployments and may desire to be home more than we can imagine with their family and friends, but they also see first hand what we are fighting for. And while I know this opinion is not shared by all in the military, almost all of my friends who have come back or are currently deployed believe in what they are doing and are proud to help out and serve alongside their brothers and sisters. That just touches on what I have seen and heard from my friends, but all of that being said, you may believe what you wish about the war - this post is not to debate that. But why use the names of our soldiers, especially those who have died, to protest against a cause they believe in so strongly. Isn't that just spitting on their faces? What they really need is our prayers, support, and encouragement in anyway that we can give it. It is sad that when 911 first happened, a man or woman in military uniform could walk across an airport with nothing but applause and thanks, but now people barely acknowledge them. Please do not forget to thank those who serve us, shaking their hand, looking them in the eye, and letting them know how much we appreciate all of their sacrifices.

On another note, the line that really hit me from the second video read, "Winning the Peace in Iraq...And saving the soul of America." It's a shame that we fight so hard to bring home those WILLING to give their lives for the lives of others while at home so many fight for a choice - the choice to kill the unborn. Certainly, the soul of America needs saving, and I hope we can follow the example of those who are giving so selflessly not only for their own children, but people they have never met and will never know. Perhaps we could at least extend this same compassion and willingness to help to the women among us who become pregnant and frightened and especially to the children they carry who have no voice.

Thanks to all who serve us. May we pray for their protection, souls, and for the soul of America that they give so much for.