Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I spent the weekend with Jesus on retreat. Now I'm home, Marc's cooking me dinner, and I'm sipping on a mango margarita. What a Valentine's weekend!

On the menu for dinner: asain spiced fruit, ginger chicken satay with grilled mangos... and then blizzards for dessert! Yum yum!

I'm so happy Jesus and Marc are my Valentines. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Quick Takes - Vol. 4

1. Marc surprised me with flowers for our 20 month anniversary. :) I realize some of you are probably a more focused on the "anniversary" part than the flowers. To assure you we are not crazy and do not celebrate every single monthaversary, Marc is gone playing Halo with the guys all day today. Most often we just like to acknowledge the day. I guess that means we are still excited about dating each other. :)

2. I still don't have any pictures from the March in DC for you. All of the pictures are on Marc's camera and I have yet to get them.

3. Riley is doing well again after a brief stay in the hospital. It turns out she had a viral infection. She is still recovering, but doing much better. Thanks for your prayers!

4. I love game nights. I am competitive. I got my pride handed to me last night on a platter while playing two games I've never heard of before: Times Up and Buzzword. They have been added to my wish list. So fun!

5. I have not watched very much football this season, but I am looking forward to the Superbowl tomorrow. I think I'll also bake and prep some meals. ...well, I think it's exciting. :)

6. Women's Bible Study was back on this week! We have still been meeting, but have not had a a bible study since before Christmas. It was so great to break open scripture and pray with other young women again. I absolutely love reading the Bible. Two years ago, maybe even one, I would have never imagined feeling this way. Sure, I appreciated the Bible, but this is totally different. If you are ever feeling in need of some good girl talk about the Gospel of John, join us Wednesday nights after daily Mass (or come to Mass at 7:00 pm!) at St. Vincent's.

6 1/2. After mentioning bible study, it seems like I should also mention Veritas which was so much fun this week. Who knew you could laugh so hard while studying encyclicals and other church documents. The Blessed Sacrament group meets at the Newman Center on Thursday nights at 7:00. We are currently reading Gaudium et Spes.

7. I'm DEBT FREE! I just payed off the last of my student loans. It feels great! (UPDATE: I wrote this with the intention of posting it right after I payed my student loans at 3:00 pm when the website was supposed to finish maintenance. The website now says it will be unavailable until tomorrow morning. Way to rain of my parade Direct Loan Services! It's ok though, I'll pull out an umbrella...I'm about to be DEBT FREE! I'll get you tomorrow student loans! ...I feel a little bit like the bad guy in inspector gadget, except that I will really get my students loans. Go go gadget debit card!)