Thursday, May 27, 2010

Becoming a Snyder: The Proposal

You probably have already heard the news: Marc proposed!

Of course one of the first question many people asked was, "How?" So here it is...

Marc bussed down to Federal Way on Saturday, May 15th just in time to celebrate 5:00 Mass at St. Vincent's. The Respect Life Committee was collecting supplies for the layette group and I was on collection duty all weekend. On the way from the transit center to the church I mentioned to Marc that I had done my morning prayer outside by our statue of Mary because it was such a beautiful day, but that I had saved my Rosary so we could do it together. (Plans to be at church and my mention of the Rosary left the door wide open for a surprise and one very clueless girl regardless of the fact that she had been very impatiently awaiting such a day!)

After Mass and collecting baby items, Marc asked if I would like to stay and pray our Rosary. Thinking nothing of it I suggested we should go because I told my parents we would make them dinner. Marc gently persisted and I continued to gently discourage. My parents had been working in the yard that afternoon and I knew they would be hungry. I was also feeling a little hungry! I could tell he wanted to stay, so in the end, I said it was his decision and either choice would be ok with me. I figured there would be people praying in the Blessed Sacrament chapel so I suggested we go pray in front of the statue of Our Lady, but Marc thought we should at least take a peek.

The small chapel was empty, so we went in, and prayed our Rosary. I was feeling a little impatient and my legs were also bothering me. I don't like to admit it, but I was definitely praying faster than usual and trying to rush through the Rosary. Towards the end, the the facility manager looked into the chapel and I assumed he was waiting for the church to be empty so he could lock up and end his work day. This made me feel even more rushed as I have in the past been one of the last people at the church after a meeting on more than one occasion and he has had to wait for me. So as soon as we finished praying, I made the Sign of the Cross and got up.

Despite all of my best efforts (unknowingly of course), I hadn't ruined Marc's plan yet. I went and knelt in front of the tabernacle to say my final prayer before leaving. Marc came over and knelt beside me. The moment he said my name, I knew what was about to happen. It took Marc a few seconds to speak again, but it seemed much longer to me. These thoughts repeated over and over in my head:

-He's about to propose!
-I can't believe it!
-He's surprising me! How?
-When did he get a ring?
-When did he ask my dad?
-Good job! You are surprising me!
-Ok, wait, maybe he just wants to have a serious moment. Don't get your hopes up. Maybe he's not going to propose.
-He's going to propose! I'm pretty sure he's going to do it!

Finally, he simply said, "Will you be my bride?" I gave him a big hug and said "yes" and was still in shock that he has surprised me. After hugging him for awhile, I started to wonder if he had a ring since I hadn't even paid much attention to that part. I was just looking him in the eyes and quietly freaking out in my head! When we stopped hugging, I saw that he did indeed have the ring and asked him when he got so sneaky. Marc lead us in one last prayer there in front of Jesus as an engaged couple and then we headed back to my house.

In the car I learned that Marc had asked my dad two weeks before!! So tricky! He knew I would be at Mass and praying for life in front of Planned Parenthood that morning, so he borrowed his roommates car to drive to my house (thanks Aaron!!). My dad was in his office when Marc arrived and spotted Marc through the window, which happened to be open. He asked Marc where he was headed all dressed up (tie and everything!) and Marc said, "Here."

This is my favorite part: My dad responded, "Ok, let me go get Sandy!" He woke my mom up by basically telling her it was time and that Marc was there. :)

Marc had told my parents that he would propose by the first week of June (before our two year dating anniversary on June 6th) so they didn't actually know when it was happening although my dad thought Marc might take the opportunity that evening when he heard we were going to Mass. I was excited to get home and make the announcement. My parents were so happy and that made me all the more happier. Mostly I was just in shock and I don't think it really sank in for a week....well, it's actually still sinking in. It just keeps getting more and more exciting!

We pushed back dinner reservations that Marc had made ahead of time to include my parents. We all got ready (after I made some phone calls and posted on facebook of course) and then headed down to the Lobster Shop. Dinner was amazing and the champagne and dessert were even better. I mostly loved being there with Marc and my parents though. (I'm starting to tear up.)

After dinner

I feel so extremely blessed. Marc is wonderful and amazing and I'm so very happy and excited to be his wife soon. We have also received so much support from so many people. God has given me so many great people, both family and friends. Thank you all for being in our lives and letting God work through you. You are all part of building us up in our faith and relationship with Jesus.

Please pray for us, that we will continue to grow with Jesus, and have a holy engagement and marriage!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Day as a Sub with 4 & 5 Year Olds

8:55 AM: Drop Eleanor and Georgia off in "Lefler House" (the room 3 & 4 year olds)

9:00 AM: Start subbing in "Carriage House" - hang out and talk with playing kids as they all arrive

9:15 AM: Walk to the Roy Street Cafe - "Inspired by Starbucks" (this is basically a Starbucks in disguise with alcohol and occasional live music or movie viewings). Kids get hot chocolate or orange juice, adults get coffee. :) The store managers teaches about where coffee and chocolate come from and how they are made.

10:45 AM: Get back to school and have snack - yummy muffins and strwaberries.

11:00 AM: Playground Time - hang out with kids and chat with teachers

12:15 PM: Go inside to potty, wash hands, and read a book for tomorrow's art activity

12:30 PM: Picnic outside

1:00 PM: School ends, after school care begins (now I'm on my own with no co-teacher), kids play on playground

1:30 PM: The "Magical Dress Up" Teacher arrives and I help kids get inside and put clothes on and watch.

1:45 PM: All done.

Great day! And did you know that coffee beans come out of cherries!?