Friday, September 21, 2007

A final update on Gloria

September 21, 10:00 AM

Editor's Note:

Gloria Strauss, subject of The Seattle Times' "A prayer for Gloria" series, died this morning from complications of neuroblastoma. Reporter Jerry Brewer and photographer Steve Ringman are with her family and will be sharing more about Gloria online today and in Saturday's newspaper. Gloria's family posted the following statement this morning: "After a 4 year battle with cancer, Gloria received her miracle this morning, passing into our Heavenly Father's hands. Gloria's courageous battle has inspired us to deeper faith and has taught to love, suffer, and most of all pray. Let her short life of 11 years be an example to each of us as we walk through the days of our lives. "Gloria, you are a shining star, yes, a miracle for each of us."

I'm praying for Gloria's soul, but I already feel like I should be asking her to pray for me. Please keep the Strauss's, their close friends, and all who have been affected by Gloria in your prayers.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Where did August go!?

I feel like every other day I find myself saying, "What happened to this month!?" Time is really just flying by me! I'm trying to work on not being quite so busy ALL the time. I think maybe I've said "no" twice this past month! ...really, that's progress.

So here are a few updates from last month....

First, another Gloria article was in the Seattle Times last week. She really is an amazing girl who is putting up quite the fight by the grace of God. I also found another great video clip that talks about each member of the family: Nine Lives: Inside the Strauss House.

Next, my two friends Angie and Seth were married! The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a lot of fun, too. Angie and Seth are not only great friends and wonderful people, but are such great compliments to each other. It was exciting to witness them taking their next step together in life. Congratulations to the love birds!

And for my final update, I spent a fun weekend away for Camp 4:12. It's a junior high leadership retreat through the archdiocese and it was a ton of fun. The location couldn't have been more beautiful and was definitely my favorite part of the weekend along with spending time with great friends! I was actually asked to attend as a representative of Holy Family, but I had the additional bonus of getting to hang out with the St. Vincent's group! Both Maryelyn and Brita were there (Congrats to Brita who is the new assistant youth pastor!) and we had a ton of fun rooming together in our oh so lovely cabin. And by oh so lovely I mean...seriously!? Here are some fun pictures from the weekend:

w/ Brita on the Kiwis!

the St. Vincent boys

So beautiful!

w/ Maryelyn and Brita

And to wrap up this post and start off the new month, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERRY! My oldest nephew is now 7 years old! Love you, LP!