Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Few Things I've Been Up To

General Session Managers for HS Convention 2009: Louder Than Before

Return appearance of Sensaria for morning Catholic exercises

Date Nights!

We also went to see A Christmas Carol this last weekend. It was excellent and so fun to be out on another date. :)

Pineapple Classic

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!!

I love any day that honors our military. Along with a lot of common courtesies, respect, and etiquette that seem to have been lost in our culture is the loss of respect and pride in our men and women who fight for us and give up their lives. And I'm not just talking about the fallen, but about the daily lives that are given up to clean equipment, go on long marches, run obstacle courses, clean barracks, press uniforms to perfection, and all of the seemingly mundane tasks that go along with the job that make disciplined, hard working, obedient men and women. All of this while often away from families and friends and all the comforts of home.

They have left behind all they know to follow and to serve.

I keep thinking that sounds an awful lot like a great disciple. I pray today in thanksgiving for our veterans and those still serving. And for those who need it, I pray for conversions of their hearts, to never fear Jesus because of the jobs they have done, and that they will all hear Christ's call to continue to have hearts that allow them to leave behind everything, follow, and serve.

A special thank you to my Dad, Andrew, Anthony, Uncle Jim, Micheal, Christy, and Aunt Debbie.
And a special thank you in remembrance of my Grandpa, Uncle Rick, and Uncle Ray.
And another thank you to Jared and all of those I know who are still serving. And one more big thanks to the military wives (Kim and Mary!) and husbands and families who sacrifice so much alongside their loved ones and hold them up in their duty to keep on going.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints, Halloween, and Christmas too!

Happy All Saints Day! It's beautiful out today, but even more beautiful to think about all of the men and women in Heaven who are praying for us to share in their feast one day.

I spent the yesterday afternoon out in Graham at my cousin's place. There was lots of food, new goats, a 4-wheeler, and even a potato gun to shoot pumpkins! I enjoyed taking it easy yesterday and having time with my family. Here are some pictures of my parents at the party and Stacey's wee ones later that night.

"What's with Christmas in the All Saints and Halloween post," you may being asking. Well I'm pleased to announce that as of Friday, I am half way done with my Christmas shopping. :) About a month ago, I set a budget and started taking a set amount out of each week's pay to go towards Christmas, which I'm continuing to do. Two weeks ago, I started making my Christmas shopping list. I'm hoping to finish up all of my shopping within the next two weeks and then I'll be set. :) Maybe now you want to know why. Well, I figured if I set a budget and planned ahead it would make life a lot less stressful, but even better yet, I can really enjoy and focus on Advent and Christmas this year. It's so easy to get caught up in the wrong parts of the holiday season and this is just my way of setting myself up to have less distraction. It can certainly be done all together, but I think I just need a little bit of extra help. :)

Thanks Gals!

Many thanks to all the gals who came to my Sensaria party. I had a great time and I hope you enjoyed relaxing as much as I did! :)