Monday, June 29, 2009

Riley's Coming Home!

Riley is going home tomorrow!! She will be bringing her feeding tube with her, but only using that at night so she can feed orally through out the day. As long as she continues to keep her food down and gain weight, she'll be home for good! Way to go, kiddo!

And some other random notes...

-My nephew Jaden is adorable! He wanted to "work" in my dad's office this afternoon. He sat at the desk typing and "answering phones" saying, "Can my grandpa clean your carpets?" So cute!

-Week 1 one of Body for Life...check! I could have done better on my eating, but my work outs at least kicked butt. My body hasn't been that sore in I don't know how long!! Yikes! On the food side, I'm trying to enjoy eating more healthy food and trying to remind myself that we can glorify God in even the smallest of things, like what we stick in our mouths to munch on! 11 more I come!

-I really enjoy dating Marc. I do a lot of things I wouldn't think of on my own and he's also willing to be a total dork with me. :) Friday we spent the afternoon with his mom and sisters who were in Seattle for two short days and took a walk to the Ballard Locks. I never really knew what "locks" were. Interesting. (I'm kind of a simple girl...) We had a really great time and it was beautiful weather! In the evening we went to a party at Britta, Meagan, and Andrea's. The theme: summer. Check out our outfits below. :)

Marc and his sisters at the Locks.

Trying to be a Totem Pole. :)

Camp Counselors!

We also brought water balloons to lead a toss to go along with our costumes!

WWU NCCM PM's 05-06!!

-On Friday, I also had a really fun day nannying. Here is a picture Eleanor, age 3, drew of me:

If you are wondering why I look so upset, it's apparently because "Georgia just pulled [my] hair."

and here is Eleanor:

-A couple of birthday shout outs! Happy Birthday to JJ! He turned 3! (son of Jon & Amy) And Happy Birthday to Nathan, who turned the big 1! (Son of Chris & Aliscia) I had a fun weekend of parties, but am sad to say I missed JJ's...sorry buddy.

Nathan eating his cake. :)

Trying to help out. That was the hardest ice cream I have ever encountered!!

-And last, but not least, Marc and I had a really fun date night Sunday night. We went to the batting cages at Kent Valley Ice Center to cash in our free batting cages we won at the Gloria's Angel's Auction. So much fun! It was my first time ever in a batting cage and I was a little bit nervous, but all went well. :) I did much better than expected. I've also decided we should get a young adult softball team together next summer to play in a church league. Anyone!? We also watched High School Musical for the first time. It was cute! Next step: Learn songs and dances. :)

...Perhaps I should start doing the 7 quick takes that Kristine and Lindsey do. Hmmmm...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Go M's!

Our young adult group at St. Vincent's went to the Mariners game last night and I had a ton of fun. Unfortunately, we already aren't a huge group and a few people were out of town, so there was only 3 of us + Marc. Still our little group packed a mighty punch and I had so much fun! I must confess that I enjoy people watching way too much and I'm sure that contributed to my fun, but the M's also won 4-3...woo!!

I'm normally not a huge fan of dogs in clothes, but this was fun. :)

The Ladies!


7th Inning Stretch :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Riley: After heart surgery, and a second surgery to cover a nerve back up that was irritating her diaphragm and causing problems, she has had a lot of problems with her lungs collapsing. She seems to finally be doing better! She will probably, however, be in the hospital for about another 10 days though. She really needs to gain some weight as she is currently a pound under her birth weight. Once she starts putting on weight, she can start feeding normally through her mouth again, and if all goes well there, she can go home! I got to visit her today and she was sooo tiny! She is now in a more crib-like bed, which is huge, so I think that made her look a lot smaller, too.

Sunburn: I started peeling today. Man!!

Body for Life: I have officially started Body for Life again. I was bummed that I only had 2 weeks out of 12 left when I hurt my knee. It's still not 100%, but I'm feeling good to go. I will probably change up my lower body lifts a bit, but we all know I have monster legs, so I'm not too worried. Today is Day 2....only 82 more days to go! I think Marc may make a go at it this round too! :)

Can't wait until I can start playing soccer again too!

Being Home: Life is already busy again, but it always feels nice being productive.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! I love you, Dad!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Vacation! (part 4)

Day 9 ends: We went out looking for gators and manatees today. Fun times! We saw a couple of gators, but I was never in a position to see the full gator before it jumped into the water. Sad. I did get to see eyes and noses though and they looked pretty fun even like that. The not so fun part was that I got a pretty bad burn. I've decided that while we weren't out long, sitting out the window and on top of the car resulted in direct sun and reflection...bad combination! Here are some pictures:

Gator hunting.

Peek-a-boo gator!

Crouching behind the plants trying to hide from the gator. We were hoping he would come back up from the water. We weren't sneaky enough though I guess.

Gator again from our hiding spot. Marc did see this one before it jumped into the water, but before we all made it out he was pretty far out in the water. Marc said he was about 8 1/2 feet long.

The view of Kennedy Space Center from where we were looking for gators.

After our little nature adventure, we stopped at the beach for lunch. This was an impromptu trip and was more of a tease than an enjoyment. We were at the beach in ridiculous heat with no bathing suits. Eee! Luckily, we had some rain umbrellas in the car that Marc was able to craftily attach to some beach chairs and I was able to stay out of the sun. By this point, it was already pretty obvious I was burnt. Once back home, I tried to keep long sleeves on so everyone wouldn't fuss about my burn. :) Lots of Aloe for me! And so far, no peeling!

At Playalinda Beach.

The vulture on the ground waiting for us to die. This is how hot it was!

And as promised, pictures of Mac's new hair cut:

Day 10: This day was definitely one of my favorite days! Marc and I celebrated our one year anniversary of dating on June 6th, just a few days before leaving. Because Marc was studying for finals, our celebration was minimal and we planned to have a date night or some kind of fun outing together on vacation. We had originally wanted to go out Kayaking near UW so we decided to try that in Florida. Best idea ever!!

We started our morning at 4:15 AM so we could get ready and make it down to Cocoa Beach for the sunrise. I've never seen an east coast sunrise, so I knew this was a must for our trip. It was beautiful and an awesome way to start our day. We especially liked all of the crabs all over the place. Tons of them were coming out of their little holes in the sand and we were hoping that at some point they would all come out and run down to the water, but no such luck. We tried to get some pictures, but never made it very close before they ran back into their holes. Fast little suckers!

Before the sun came up.

Here it comes!

...and a minute later.

Marc holding the sun. :)

Marc and the sunrise with a bird.

Me and the sunrise.


Marc doesn't like when I have him look serious. I think it's a good picture though. :)

Our crabby friend.

And some other favorites:

We stayed at the beach for a couple of hours and after we felt like the sun was sufficiently up, we headed out to do a little shopping before the kayak place opened up. I was in serious need of rash guard to protect my burn and Marc was on a hunt for the biggest hat he could find. We also stopped into Barnes and Noble to get a book for his little sister. We were hoping to find Theology of the Body for Teens, but were happy to settle with Every Young Woman's Battle.

Shopping took up just enough time and off to kayaking we went! We found a place that was only $25 for a double for 4 hours. Score! As if kayaking weren't cool enough, we got to get up close with horseshoe crabs, a puffer fish (only Marc saw that), manatees, a dolphins! (listed in order of coolness) The manatees were huge and I was slightly freaked out when they were underneath us. Marc assured me that they wouldn't tip us over, but um, they are huge and all it would take was one of them to accidentally bump into us. Towards the end of our play time in the canal we were in, two of the manatees got in a little scuffle and that was enough to scare me to leave. Eee! Angry manatees! The dolphin was way scarier though. I spotted the fin first and of course, in the shark bite capital, the possibility of the fin being a dolphin never crossed my mind, yet I was oddly hopeful that maybe, just maybe it wasn't a shark. It took Marc a bit to spot it after I said something about. He thought I was talking about random debris floating in the water. I'm freaking out and he's talking about debris...not helpful! I did stay pretty calm over all though, while freaking out like no other on the inside and insisting we move to the outside of the canal. I was naturally planning our escape out of the water! Marc acted like it was no big deal to keep me calm, but I had a feeling that at one point he was a little bit worried too. What a good boyfriend! As it turns out, I think dolphins are still a little scary when you aren't at Seaworld. I just started praying a Rosary and that eventually did the trick to bring the fear back down under control. Thanks Mary! Whew, I can feel the stress right now as I write about it. Anyways, Marc finally saw water shoot up from the blow hole and all was well. It took awhile to convince me. I guess I was a bit of a doubting Thomas and wanted to see the blow for myself. Again, I wasn't 100% sure he wasn't just trying to keep me from freaking out. Gradually I picked up enough courage to get near the dolphin, follow it around, and try to catch it's attention. It actually swam right under us twice!! It was close enough at one point that I could have touched it. I missed my chance though and we never got close enough again. Sometimes I'm not so sure where this courage comes from. I actually was trying to get close again to touch the dolphin. I realize it isn't much, but I'm a pretty big scaredy cat! The coolest part was watching the dolphin chase after fish. It was going so fast and tons of fish were jumping out of the water trying to get away. Awesome! When we left the canal we saw a second dolphin and then they swam off together. SO COOL!!



Big Manatee.

Dolphin fin!

Dolphin head! And this was not zoomed. It was coming right at us!!

All done!

Marc all done!

We finished off the day with naps, dinner with the family, and cranium with the girls and their friend. I love cranium and people who play board games!! My vacation was made much more enjoyable with all of the board games and cards I got to play. :)

I also want to share that we were so exhausted by the end of the night that I had one of the funniest conversations with Marc we have ever had! He was totally out of it, half asleep, and I kept asking questions to keep him talking. I finally whipped out the camera and got him on video, but I'll be nice for once and won't put it up. :) Finally after 4 minutes, he realized I was recording and he started acting like Chad Vader (see David after dentist first). Haha!

Day 11: We went back to Playalinda beach today. This time we had bathing suits and boogie boards. Way more fun!!

Marc on the board.

Turlte nest! Man it would be so cool to watch the little turtles hatch and run for the water!!

Brianna, Marc, Marc's Mom, Faith

Marc & Me

More pinchy crabbies!! (That's what some of my nanny kiddos call them. I miss them!)

Here some pictures of Marc's grandparents:
Grandma reading to Poppy. So cute!

Grandma, Me, Marc, Poppy

We stayed up late for our last night in a further attempt to relive my childhood with a midnight swim. :) While in the pool, there was a sudden and huge rustling noise in the bushes outside of the screen. It was a little scary at first because we had no idea what was making the noise. It turned out to be two armadillos!

Day 12: We didn't do too much on our last day. Marc's uncle Steve stopped in to visit us, we watched some more Band of Brothers, played scrabble, and packed up. It was a nice day!

Marc & his Uncle Steve

About to leave.

The plane ride home was fantastic! We played cards most of the flight and came to the conclusion that playing cards and games together is just another one of the reasons we are best friends. :) We also had a sweet view of Mount Rainier!

I love home!