Monday, February 23, 2009

My Practice Round

I went up to Camano Island on Saturday with Marc to have dinner with some friends and check out where he grew up. Before his family left the area, they had been working on a house that Marc put a lot of hours in on. Unfortunately, it was not quite finished before they moved away. This was the first time Marc had been back there since then and the first time he was able to see the house complete. I was really glad he was able to see it and quite impressed with him that he did so much! It was really a pretty nice house and on a great piece of property.

Dinner with the Marc's friends, the Brown's, who are actually the parents of one of his best friends, was great. I'd been joking around with Marc that he had to set this up as a practice round for me to meet his mom and I'm pretty sure I passed with flying colors. It would be hard not to with the Brown's though. They were so welcoming and kind, made a fantastic dinner, and entertained us the rest of the night with good conversation and a game of Train. Who knew dominos were so fun!? I think I'm going to go out and buy some. :)

Marc also was able to pick up some mail that had been sent to their house on accident when he didn't change his shipping address. To my surprise it included the rest of my Christmas present! I had no idea there was even more coming. I had told Marc one night, while gregorian chant started playing on a website, that I needed some pretty music. He took note and got me a ton of CD's. So I just got 4 more last night and Phantom of the Opera is apparently on back order. For those of you thinking that it's a little late to still be receiving Christmas presents, I would agree, but I was awfully glad to know that I wasn't the only one having problems. As it turns out, I had some issues getting Marc his Christmas present too. After returning his running shoes not once, but twice, and waiting forever for customer service people who never actually got back to me, but being fortunate enough to babysit for a couple that works for Brooks, I was able to get his running shoes at the end of last week. Of course, since the running shoes I orginally tried to get are discontinued as they have a newer version, the sizing wasn't right. Luckily, he went to Super Jock n' Jills to talk to them about the narrow size we accidentally ordered (could anymore go wrong?) and they are going to handle the exchange for him. Whew! Also, with the newer shoes, the narrow is a better fit. I guess it all worked out quite well and it was kind of fun to have Christmas presents in February all over again... even if they are the same presents we got in December.

On a side note, for those of you who enjoy games, the other game I'm currently all about is Bananagrams. One of the families I nanny for got it for Christmas and I've borrowed it from them a few times. :) It's kind of like speed scrabble where each person has their own board, except there are no actual boards. You should check it out! Or call me and we'll plan a game night! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's Try Again, Shall We?

About every third blog is usually an apology for not keeping this going and an eager attempt to start blogging regularly. Guess it's about that time! I'm a busy bee, but I really have no excuse at all. I apologize.

I had a fantastic weekend! Let me tell you all about it. Friday night I was excited to make Marc dinner, but by the time we went through a bazillion cookbooks, found out my parents wouldn't be joining us, and I started getting more sleepy and still needed to work out, we sprang for Marlene's Market and Deli. I worked there in high school and it always kind of brings back fond memories. I had a huge deliciously fresh salad that was most amazing and split a black bottom pie with Marc. That pie is soooo good. I took super small bites so I would eat less and let Marc have most of it. If you are cheating on your healthy eating, you might as well be a little bit good, yeah? I'm not really sure why but it was just a great night with Marc. We are both so busy and it just felt like good quality down time dating as I think dating is meant to be. It was one of those moments when you realize all of those dating talks/books are absolutely right. Dating couples should spend time dating, not spend time together while they are living their daily lives. You aren't married, give yourself some space to do what you need to do, and have fun dating! While I don't think I have forgotten how great Marc is, it definitely reminded me how much fun we have together. My mouth was seriously hurting from laughing and smiling so much.

Valentine's Day morning was a bit sad for me though. My perfect little gym announced very suddenly (as they found out very suddenly) that they were closing. I have since worked out twice at Bally Total Fitness and it's kind of horrible. My gym was just the right size with everything right where it should be. The equipment was great and everything I needed was there. The owners were amazing and I loved knowing/recognizing almost everyone who came in to work out. I didn't think the all women aspect of it really affected me that much, but boys are stinky! I also can't stand to watch people lift wrong. It's enough to watch a woman do it poorly, but watching a teenager boy or worse, a grown man, lift with poor form and ruin his work out because he doesn't know what he's doing is just unbearable for me. And of course, I can't offer any tips and crush their poor little egos. There is hope that the gym will reopen though and I luckily was able to get a month-to-month deal at Bally, so as soon as my gym is back, I'm outta there!

The worst part is the huge inconvenience the gym switch has caused in my Body for Life Challenge. A month in, when I finally feel like my workouts are pretty solid, I now have to re-work everything. I'm at the very least thankful for having so many gyms close by that it hasn't completely disrupted my routine. And I don't mean to be sucha a negative Nancy, but I really miss my gym!

Valentine's Day evening was absolutely fantastic and very well planned by Marc. We began our evening with some prayer at Blessed Sacrament, had a very scrumptous meal at Cutter's Bayhouse with a beautiful view, and then enjoyed the Baroque Orchestra at Benaroya Hall. Seriously guys, are you taking notes?

On Sunday, I finally got to make dinner for Marc (or rather with Marc) and my parents. I accidentally bought whole wheat NAN bread instead of whole wheat pizza crust. Who would have known they were sitting right next to each other on a random little rack with nothing else in the grocery store!? Oops. As it turns out, it was pretty great and I highly recommend it!

That morning, I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Church after each Mass to help promote the Fight FOCA postcard campaign. For those of you unaware of what FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) is, let me share and tell you why I'm against it. To put it simply, FOCA is the most radical abortion legislation is US history going far beyond Roe v Wade. FOCA states that every woman has a "fundamental right" to have an abortion, and no goverment (federal, state, or local) may "deny" or "interfere with" this right. Moreover, no government may "discriminate" agaisnt the exercise of this right when regulating or providing "benefits, facilities, services, or information" to the public. Here is what this will all result in:

-FOCA will invalidate laws to protect a woman to from unsafe abortion clinics and to ensure that she is informed about abortion.
-FOCA will require taxpayers to pay for abortions.
-FOCA will require states to allow partial-birth and other late term abortions.
-FOCA will require states to allow abortions by non-physicians.
-FOCA will bar laws protecting a right of of conscientious objection to abortion (anyone working in hospitals etc, will be required to perform abortions at any time).
-FOCA will deny parents an opportunity to be involved in their minor daughter's abortion decision (12 years old? Sure go ahead and have a few abortions on taxpayer dollars with out your parents knowing about. WHAT!?).

This is legislation that Obama has promised to pass. We must act to protect our women and children. Please, if you have not already, contact your representatives to say that you are against this! To access more information and the ready to go postcards, you can go here.

This week I plan to have a kick-butt (in a Christian loving manner of course) week doing my challenge, get some work done planning the Spring session of St. Vincent's young adult Women's Group, check out some great music for great Cathedrals, and have a lovely dinner with Marc and Andy tonight. Good times all around! I'll let you know how it goes.

And oh, another little announcement. I've started a pro-life prayer group at my Church that is meeting on the first Saturday of every month for Mass at 9:00 AM and then going out to prayer in front of Planned Parenthood. We have been out choice and it's gone very well both times. It's encouraging to have so many polite honks, waves, and gestures from the cars passing by. The polite gestures far out way the not so nice ones. I'm also encouraging those who don't feel comfortable coming out with us to come to Mass and then to stay an offer up a Rosary at the Church for the lives of the unborn and the protection of pregnant women. If you are interested, let me know! And if you have any ideas on other pro-life work we can, let me know. I think I may have "volunteered" to lead/be highly involved in St. Vincent's Respect for Life committee that they are putting together. Help please!

Have a wonderful day! And oh, please offer a prayer for my sister. She will be taking the bar exam for the next three days. Go Stacey! ...she's pregnant too!