Friday, November 28, 2008

Shopping at Amazon?

When you shop at Amazon through the link posted on the Hear See Hope Foundation's website, Amazon will donate 4-8.5% of your purchase. This money goes towards researching Usher Syndrome, which is the number one cause of Deaf Blindness.

The foundation was started by a coupe that a friend of mine used to nanny for. They have four children, two with Usher.

So if you're going to shop on Amazon please use the link through their website as you'll be contributing to their foundation just by shopping! Pretty easy and no extra money out of pocket!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble, Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving! God bless all of you!

Here are just a few things I'm thankful for:
-The opportunity to participate in the Mass this morning with both of my parents and my nephew.
-A wonderful family, with a new little girl on the way!
-Great friends, including my amazing boyfriend.
-A great job nannying.
-Being able to save my peacan pie after dropping it while trying to get it in the over.
-Surprise flowers to cheer my day.
-Dinners with family and friends.
-Those who support my loved ones with open hearts.
-The men and women serving our country.
-Tears and struggle that humble me and provide me with the opportunity for growth.

Thank you to all of you who bless my life. You are in my prayers today.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seriously, Officer!?

Today is totally one of those days. I got yelled at by a police officer, it rained on my picnic, and I was almost pee'd on.

The day started off so well. Instead of waking up at 5:00 AM, I got to sleep in until 6:30 AM. Do you know how late that felt to me? Anytime I woke up, I would check the clock and I was just sure I had set my alarm wrong and that I must have made a mistake. It's amazing how much of a difference an hour and a half makes! One of the parents of the children I nanny had the day off of work and he was nice enough to let me come in a little late even though he intended to be out for most of the day running errands and getting some work done at his parents condo they use to visit the family.

The morning went pretty well with the kiddos, Veronica got off to school smoothly, and the other three were in good moods and well behaved. Eric and I decided that I would head over to the condo with the kids to meet his mom and nephew Josh for a little play date to walk to the park and have lunch. It was a fantastic idea, really.

I followed Eric over to the house and since there appeared to be no parking anywhere nearby, we felt like it would be a lot easier to pull over, unload the 3 kids (ages 1, 2, and 2) and then we could go find parking for the two cars. Apparently, not such a great idea! A cop came by checking parking and ever so nicely (or sarcastically you might say) pointed out the no parking sign down the street. We explained we were going to quickly unload, but to put it shortly, he said no. Eric went to park his car and I moved the van into the condo driveway - private driveway, it's cool, right? Again, no. Eric comes back and is bringing some things into the house and the cop comes back and threatens a ticket again. I tell him Eric is on his way back out, but he's out of his car, ready to go. Eric comes back to move the car, but still nothing changes and instead of the car getting moved, we have to sit there to "politely" talk about it. Once Eric's dad came out, the cop immediately got into his car. Hmmm. Apparently, since we were partially blocking the sidewalk, it was still inappropriate. "What if someone on a wheel chair came by?" I do enjoy examples, but really? There was enough room for a wheel chair to get by with out going into the street. No one's safety was at risk. I understand rules are rules and he has a job to do, but aren't those rules in place for safety? Wasn't it safer to just let us quickly unload the kids? We were in no way ever blocking any one or any cars from going by. But eh, what are you going to do. He's going to have it his way, and fine, ok, that's that. Negotiating and conversation were clearly not going to happen and any attempt at this it seems was "bad-mouthing" him. I'm pretty sure there was never anything negative said directed towards his person or otherwise. I would have loved if he could have provided us with another example for this situation because I just couldn't figure it out on my own.

Once all the drama was over, it was off to the park. We now had three 2 year old's and one 1 year old. And here starts the crying, whining, and arguing. It's amazing how contagious it is! "I want to walk alone!" "I want to sit in the stroller!" "I want my mommy!" "NO!" Oh man! This was actually the worst I have ever seen it on an outing. We get to the park and immediately there are 4 children fighting over 2 swings. Eventually Eleanor wonders off and her grandma follows. As soon as they are across the playground, Madeline needs to go to the bathroom. She is crying and trying to pull her tights down. Yikes! I leave the kids in the swings, sprint across the playground, tell the grandma, and run back to Maddy. Tights are almost all the way down now. I grab Maddy and I'm waiting for Grandma. Finally she gets there, we run to the community center where all of the door's downstairs are locked. SHOOT! I'm totally just waiting to get pee'd on. By the time we try the doors, Eleanor has come running after us and caught up. I don't really have time to be slowed down by her, but she is refusing to go back to grandma. What do I do!? Try to run with them both, let one run? No, no, no...all of my options will slow us down. Finally grandma comes after her and Eleanor is down on the ground crying. Sad, but I really don't want to be pee'd on!! I run up the stairs and just keep telling Maddy to hold on, we're almost there. We get inside and then have to get back downstairs to the bathrooms. AAAH! Luckily, we make it. But oh, wait! Madeline is afraid of public bathroom toilets! They flush really loud and she doesn't really like it! Still, I get her on the potty and all is well. We get back outside and poor Eleanor is still crying, even though she is now getting a turn on the swing. We work things out, but attitudes are just not good from any of them at this point.

I decide it's time to change gears and pull lunch out. Let's feed those little bellies, take a break, and and bring the fun back on. No, no. Let's fight over what color cheese we get, whine over who has what, and oh, Eleanor is afraid of the birds. SIGH. Could it get any worse? Oh, yes. Here comes the rain! It starts as a sprinkle and then slowly works into a steady, heavy rain. We pack up lunch, we pack up the kids, and crying again starts. And oh, there's my lunch on the ground! Josh is mad the diaper bag is on his seat (just keepin' it dry for you buddy!), Madeline still wants her mommy, Eleanor doesn't want to walk and grandma is now carrying her, and Georgia is mad she is in the stroller and not with Grandma, but is really the only one who can comfortably fit in the front of the stroller and doesn't have an option and has no concept of understanding all that is going on and why she is wet and cold. Despite the crying, and Josh's constant loud "MOO'ing" which is scaring poor Georgia, we make it back all in once piece.

The kids warm up, finish lunch, and have some play time. We make it back to the house just in time for Veronica to get dropped off and all is well although there is still some whining. I take Maddy and Veronica home and it's time to get ready for naps. I'm pretty ready for one too!

I was actually in a pretty good most of the day and laughing a lot. Sometimes there is just nothing else to do! The most frustrating part of the day was actually hearing a swear word come out of one of the children because she wanted a book her sister had. REALLY!? Inappropriate!

It's now nap time slash my break time. I think I'll recover and I'm ready for a fun night! Marc and I are taking Phil out for his birthday since we missed it on Friday and then I'm off to my championship indoor soccer game tonight. We're the defending champs - kind of a big deal. Ok, not really and I'm pretty sure the cool shirts we win are the same ones from last time. It's a good thing I don't need any new shirts!

Wish me luck! Or better yet, say a prayer for my sanity....just in case naps don't go very well. :) It would fit in with the day rather well and give me another opportunity to work on my patience.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's Day!

Thank you to all who serve our country and fight for the lives and rights of so many while being so readily willing to sacrifice your own.

May God bless you and may everyone appreciate you and be inspired by what you stand for.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Finally Found My Calling!!

It's been so clear my whole life. How did I not know? I'm meant for leading Catholic Aerobics!

Part of the photo shoot:

My stage shot:

With my saint crew:

Part of next year's promo materials?

Things to note:
-My stage name is Sensaria.
-My show is called Work Out with the Saints!
-My first show was
at Convention 2008: Get a Clue

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've sent too many fwds today...

Just passing on a couple of things that came through my mailbox....and trying not to send another fwd out!

I particularly appreciated the reference to the abuse of the teaching on "
Forming Consciences For Faithful Citizenship," as that is exactly how I felt...

Catholic Leaders React to Obama Victory, Offer Advice

And here's a little podcast for your enjoyment...

A New Chapter in the Cult of the Presidency