Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Quick Takes - Vol. 8

1. August is a big month! My mom's birthday was on August 4th. Happy Birthday and I love you, Mom! Perry and Stacey's 5 year anniversary was on the 6th - congrats! My parents 32nd anniversary was on the 10th. Thanks Mom & Dad for loving each other and being committed to each other in marriage. I'm so blessed to have your example of a faithful marriage! Marc's birthday was on the 13th. Happy Birthday, hunnie! :)

2. First fire of the summer! To celebrate Marc's birthday, we got some ready to bake pizza, wine, and plenty of makings for S'Mores. Yum! We relaxed, played ladder golf, and relaxed some more. There was an attempt on my part to turn the evening into a surprise party. It worked. There was one surprise: Casey. Marc greatly appreciated his coming and my effort. I'll have to work on my surprise party throwing skills. ;)

3. August brought yet another great moment in our family. On my mom's birthday, Riley officially went wireless. Her "button" for feedings was removed. She hasn't used it in awhile, but the doctors wanted to keep it in for awhile just in case. Congrats to Riley for her big moment and (little) chunky cheeks. :)

4. 116 days to go until our wedding! Dress fitting - check! Wedding bands purchased - check! Those were definitely exciting moments. I was, however, not too fond of giving up my engagement ring to be re-sized. My hand felt so...so...exposed! But the wait was short and I made it through the week!

5. Being engaged is fun! Marc and I are enjoying all of the conversations about the future, working on small tasks to prepare for the wedding and our life together, and just spending time together in preparation and prayer. God is wonderful!

6. I started a new work out program yesterday: Insanity. Marc did the fit test with me yesterday and we both thought we were going to throw up after. I'm looking forward to the next 62 days!

7. I'm looking forward to a triple date this weekend with Nicole and Joe and Corina and Ed! Yea for couple time with great friends!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nannyism of the Day

Veronica (6): How old are you?
Nichole: 27.
Veronica: You're kind of old for your age.

I'm not sure if I should have a complex or not.