Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Worst Birthday Present EVER!!

Earlier this month I turned 25 and little did I know I was in store for a really crappy present that was a coming a couple of weeks late. Allergies!?! Who knew that you could suddenly develop/get/have allergies!? Well, apparently a lot of people, but not me!!

For a week and a half I have had swollen eyes that sometimes hurt and ONE swollen gland. Other symptoms that come and go are congestion, scratchy throat, and eye junk (that's the official term). I think the absolute worst part is the extreme exhaustion - something else I did NOT know about allergies. I almost fell asleep yesterday playing "cars" with Felix. Who does that!? Many blessings to those of you who have had allergies your whole life. Man, I give it up to you! I finally caved Tuesday night and got some medicine. Let's hope it helps!

I know life could be worse and I don't mean to complain, although upon further reflection, I've probably been complaining way too much. It should probably be noted in this confession that when I said I "got some medicine," I really asked Marc to go to the store to get it for me. :) Glad I have such a nice boyfriend. Mostly, I'm blogging about this because A) Let's face it, I'm not so great at blogging and it gave me something to say and B) I'm totally caught off guard and appalled that you can just GET allergies one day when you are 25! Seriously!?

To end on a happy note, my good friend Josh (affectionately called Josheewa after my cousin Josh) is now married. I couldn't be happier for him and absolutely adore his wife Katie. I'm pretty excited that they are finally married. Here are a few pictures....

Josh & Katie - ADORABLE and HAPPY

Angie & Me

Marc & Me

PS The Blue Angels are flying overhead and that makes me happy! Also, I'm glad that at 4, as opposed to 3, Veronica is no longer deathly afraid of them. I did enjoy her calling all other airplanes "Green Angels" for awhile though - those were the quiet ones. :)