Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Becoming a Snyder: The Start of Our Courtship

Marc and I were courting before we even knew it and I've always believed that to be a huge blessing.

The first time Marc and I hung out alone was the second time we met. I asked Greg if I could hang out at their place for a couple of hours between nannying and a meeting I had at the chancery - both in Seattle. Traffic home to Federal Way only to turn around and come back, no thank you!

Greg was happy to accommodate me, but he wouldn't be home at that time. Marc would be home and Greg made sure that I knew, repeating himself several times, that I should not expect Marc to entertain me. I was told he was very quiet and would probably keep to himself. I was fine with this and really didn't want to be in his way. I was happy it would give me the opportunity to make some phone calls to schedule high school leaders for Camp Thunderbird and even sneak it a nap.

Once my work was done, I lay down on the couch in the living room where Marc was playing guitar hero. To my surprise, he did not stop talking to me!! Every time there was a pause, I would close my eyes. Marc would start talking again totally unaware that I actually DID want to to sleep because his eyes were on the tv to play his game. Though I missed out on some quality nap time, I enjoyed talking to him and the surprise was a pleasant one. :)

From that time on until we started dating, Marc and I always hung out in groups except in situations like the above where we found ourselves together out of convenience and due to timing. We always enjoyed hanging out together, seemed to have a lot of similar interests, and enjoyed playing silly little pranks on his brother and Phil. Talking to each other was always very easy and we always laughed a lot.

About six or seven months later, I was with some friends hanging out at the guys' place. During the night, Phil and I got in a bit of a tiff and I was pretty upset. We all continued to hang out though until one by one people were off and I was the last one left with Marc. I asked him if he agreed with Phil and what he thought about the whole matter. I started crying. Marc came over and put his arm around me and we continued to talk. We sat together for at least an hour like that talking about all sorts of things. I remember feeling a little nervous and awkward once the crying moment had passed and we moved on to different topics. Was I still supposed to be sitting cuddled with him? Should I move? How do I transition this? ...all the time realizing that I didn't necessarily want to stop and wondering why we hadn't been dating each other.

About a month later, we became a couple after a nice romantic dinner Marc made me...with Phil. Phil was making us some drinks in the kitchen and we started having a "DTR" (determining the relationship conversation) after a couple of awkward comments he had made. I don't remember exactly what they were now, but I think for the second time that week he had said something about not being my boyfriend. So I called him out and asked where things stood and where they were going. We ended up going back to his room to finish the conversation as to not make Phil feel awkward. It took awhile. Poor Phil was asleep on the couch when we came out.

Thanks Phil for being part of introducing us, arguing with me, and making us drinks so patiently! We love you and are so happy you are Marc's best man. :)

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